HTM 59001- Graduate Professional Industry Internship

HTM 59001 Graduate Professional Industry Internship allows graduate students to gain industry management experience/education and to conduct a research project based on a real life situation.  In order to earn one credit, the student must meet the following criteria.

1. Repeatability: The HTM Master’s Program lists a single HTM 59001 - Graduate Professional Industry Internship as a potential requirement. That means that this course cannot be listed as a requirement on the plan of study more than once and therefore is not repeatable as credit towards a student’s plan of study.  Further, only one Graduate Professional Industry Internship will be approved per student regardless of the outcome of that practicum.  Students who have previously registered for HTM 59002 - Graduate Professional Industry Research will also not be approved for this course and vice versus.

2. Securing a Position: The student must secure a position within a company where duties or primary responsiblity of that prosition are related to the industry of the student's degree and consentration.  An example of this would be a HTM student obtaining a corporate meeting or event planning (a hospitality related function) for an association or business. The scope and level of their position will be negotiated between the student and the company.  If the student is in doubt as to whether the position will meet the School of HTM requirements, they should check with the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator before they accept the position.

3. Hours Required: To register for the industry experience the offer letter must specify a minimum of 400 paid hours to be completed by the end of a single semester. A single practicum may not extend into multiple semesters. All 400 hours must be completed with the same company. If less than 400 paid hours are completed and the reason for the deficiency is beyond the student’s control, then final grade will be adjusted as follows:

  • 300 to 399 paid hours completed - Maximum grade for the class will be a C.
  • Less than 300 paid hours completed - Student has failed the course.

At the end of the experience the student will be responsible for turning in copies of their pay stubs verifying their hours of employment.

4. Offer Letter:  The student must have a letter addressed to the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator on the letterhead of the company making the offer. This letter must be signed by the person in the company authorized to extend the offer.  This letter must be received by the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator prior to approving the student’s register for this course.   The letter can be faxed or scanned and emailed but the student will be asked for the original once they are back on campus.  The letter must include:

  • Start and end dates
  • Positions or role of the student
  • Approximate number of hours per week.
  • Rate of pay during this time

5. Pre-Registration: All students will be asked to provide documentation that they have completed the Graduate Student EA/EO Harassment and Discrimination: Prevention and Response module.  This module can self-enroll at any time and can be found under Vice President for Ethics and Compliance at  Students are provided with a completion email which they can provide to the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator as evidence of participation. 

6. Registration Procedures for HTM 59001: Once the above letter and email are received, the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator will assist students in signing up for HTM 59001.  

Post-Registration: If the student is international, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they meet all ISS and immigration requirements and have completed paperwork required by ISS. The HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator will be the designated personnel that can assist with the department's completion of the CPT e-Forms with ISS. 

7. Deliverables:

  • Contact information for immediate supervisor:  Students must provide the name and contact information of his/her immediate supervisor to include phone number and email address.  This information will be used to solicit job performance information from the supervisor on a biweekly basis.  Information solicited includes:
    • Professionalism
    • Attitude
    • Teamwork
    • Communications
    • Creativity
    • Planning and organizing
    • Initiative
    • Leadership

Depending on the position and duties assigned, some of the attributes which we ask the student’s supervisor to rate will not be applicable.

  • Daily Journal:  Each day the students should record the following information in the journal:
    • Position/Task/Assignment for the day
    • Brief description of activity
    • What went right?
    • What went could be done better?
    • Operation/supervisor observation and evaluation

A part from the instructor, this daily journal may be reviewed by the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator, HTM Graduate Program Director, and the HTM School Head. This is to ensure quality of the learning objectives and elicit a response to better serve our students. It will not be shared with anyone else without express written permission of the student; this includes but is not limited to student’s supervisor or any other member of the employer’s management team.

  • Reflective Paper:  There are three parts to the paper:
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis on organizational unit to include the following:
      • List of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
      • Description of each item listed
      • Discussion of why each item was categorized as it was and its overall impact on the operation.
    • Evaluation of management effectiveness.  Discuss the management style of the supervisors in your chain, the effectiveness of each and their impact on the operation and employees.
    • Description of the total practicum learning experience by assimilating information from your daily journal into a comprehensive, management focused reflective paper.
  • Problem Resolution Report:   This report is based on the problem the student worked on during the semester. It outlines the problem and what should be done to resolve it.  There are typically six parts to the report as listed below; however, there may be unique problems that require different a different format.  In those instances it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate the format with the instructor prior to preparing the report.
    • Problem statement
    • Literature review
    • Potential solutions, to include description, pros and cons for each
    • Recommended solution, to include why this is the best solution
    • Implementation plan, to include steps to implementation and a timeline
    • Anticipated outcome

8. Submission of all Deliverables: The final copy of the Reflective Paper, Problem Resolution Report and proof of paid hours must be turned in within two weeks after the end of the internship.  The biweekly submissions of the daily journal are due within three days following the end of each reporting period.  Failure to meet any deadlines will result in a five percent reduction per day.

9. Problems: If there are any problems with the practicum the student must contact the HTM Graduate Professional Industry Internship Coordinator of Instructor immediately.

Graduate Students wanting to register for HTM 59001

Graduate students wanting to register for HTM 59001 must attend the information session at the end of the Fall term.

 Next information session : TBD

During this information session HTM's Career Coordinator will go over with the students the best ways to find internships at Purdue University and discuss resources available to graduate students, such as but not limited to: resume help, internship strategies, and mock interviews.

For international students, the Graduate Program Coordinator/Secretary shall also be in attendance to speak about ISS's CPT eForm Application process.

Graduate students who do not attend this session will not be able to register for HTM 59001 or CPT.

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