Graduate Courses:

Graduate coursework includes HTM and CSR graduate courses as well as graduate specialty courses based in different University departments. The offerings reflect the department's goal of having base courses for each emphasis area. Supporting courses are then chosen from across the University. To view detailed course information, visit the course catalog on myPurdue     

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses

HTM 50100 Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction to behavioral research design and the development of research proposals.

HTM 50101 Statistical Laboratory

Introduction to the use of software used in behavioral research projects.

HTM 50200 Management Information Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Analysis and design of management information systems for hotels, restaurants, and the travel industry. Topics include cost and value information, data management, implementation of system and impact of information systems on hospitality organizations.

HTM 52200 Foodservice Equipment & Facility Design

Development of efficient work spaces for hospitality operations. Topics include the principles of selection, operation, and maintenance of foodservice equipment; the application of human factors, ergonomics, environmental concerns in the development of work-flow patterns; and the use of computer-aided design (CAD) to prepare facility drawings.

HTM 53100 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing II

Examination of the multi-dimensional marketing functions common to complex hospitality organizations.

HTM 54100 Advanced Hospitality Accounting And Finance Systems

Specialized accounting and finance systems as related to the hospitality industries. Applications of budgeting and pricing models, performance evaluations and incentives systems, and short-term asset management are discussed, as well as other current subjects.

HTM 57100 Economics of Travel and Tourism

The course includes the set theory of tourism, cost-benefit analysis, tax policy impacts, and other economic and statistical aspects of tourism. The course will examine research designed to determine economic impacts of the hospitality and tourism industries.

HTM 58100 Advanced Hotel Management

A study of current service management theories as they apply to hotel management. Theory topics include strategic planning, hotel organization and communication, organizational leadership, and control systems. These topics will be discussed from the viewpoint of the hotel's general manager.

HTM 59000 Problems in Hospitality and Tourism

Individual study in advanced subject areas. A course plan must be submitted to the supervising professor.

HTM 59100 Research Issues in Foodservice Management

Research issues related to the foodservice industry and their short- and long-term implications. Topics will include essential issues in food safety, product development, foodservice consumer interests, food production, and waste management.

HTM 60200 Research Topics and Methods Seminar

This course is required for all Ph.D. students. Examination of current research in hospitality and tourism. Focus on industry research needs and appropriate methodologies. Topics rotate each semster : Research Development, Instructional Development, Professional Development. 

HTM 61200 HTM Management Challenge Analysis

A course designed to discuss specific management problems in the hospitality and tourism industries. Through the use of case studies, students study current challenges, management analysis, the process of decision making, and the impacts of corporate decisions.

HTM 63100 Strategic Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

Evaluates the role of marketing strategy within overall corporate strategic planning. Segmentation theory, brand segmentation, niche marketing, program life cycles, and positioning approaches are discussed. Emerging concepts such as visioning, relationship marketing, strategic alliances, and database marketing are studied.

HTM 64200 Advanced Personnel Systems in Restaurant, Hotels, and Institutions

Examination of the philosophical and operational alternatives related to establishing and directing human resource systems in complex restaurant, hotel, and institutional organizations.

HTM 68100 Seminar in Hotel Management Research

Analysis of hotel industry research based on current policy issues.

HTM 69000 Hospitality and Tourism Research Problems

A project designed to expand a student's knowledge in an area which will support a dissertation effort. The project is also designed to lead directly to a publishable paper.

HTM 69800 Research MS Thesis

HTM 69900 Research PhD Thesis


Consumer Science and Retail Courses

CSR 59000 Special Problems in Consumer Sciences and Retailing

CSR 60000 Introduction to Research in Consumer Sciences and Retailing

Introduction to research development, evaluation and analysis in the consumer sciences and retail management. Emphasis on preliminary stages of the research process including critical reading, preparation of literature reviews, scholarship standards, and preliminary proposals for research.

CSR 63100 Consumer Behavior Theories

An examination of research methods, principles, and theories of social science as they apply to the study of consumer behavior and marketing sciences.

CSR 68100 Consumption Theories

Analysis of theories of consumption with emphasis on their relation to current practices and to the history of economic thought. 

CSR 68200 Analytical Tools for Consumer Economists

Economic and analytical skills needed to interpret and conduct research in family and consumer economics. Focuses on consumer theory and includes theory of the firm, price theory, and welfare economics. 

CSR 69000 Independent Study in Consumer Sciences and Retailing

CSR 69700 Final Non-Thesis Paper

CSR 69800 Research MS Thesis

CSR 69900 Research PhD Thesis

Pre-Approved Outside Specialty Elective Courses:

One of the many advantages of being in a world-class research-based university is the multitude of courses available. The courses below are commonly taken by HTM graduate students seeking to strengthen a specific skill or interest area. 

This list is ever evolving as the home department make changes to their courses and trends from our students requesting certain courses gain in popularity. This list is not complete, but it is illustrative of the range of courses available.  It is recommended that if you wish to take a course as an elective that isn’t part of the core HTM/CSR required courses and not on this list, that students talk to their Graduate Program Director for approval.

 To view detailed information on the course below, visit the course catalog on myPurdue.

Business Management

  • MGMT522 New Product Development
  • MGMT545 Systems Development
  • MGMT564 Management of Service Operations
  • MGMT642 Portfolio Management
  • MGMT652 Management of New and Small Firms
  • OBHR633 Human Resource Management
  • OBHR642 Compensation and Reward Systems
  • OBHR652 Organizational Development and Consulting
  • OBHR662 Leadership
  • OBHR682 Individual Behavior in Organizations
  • OLS579 Emerging World-Class Leadership Strategies
  • OLS580 Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
  • PSY577 Human Factors in Engineering


  • AGEC633 Advance Topics in Space, Health, and Population Economics
  • ECON510 Game Theory
  • ECON513 Economic THeory
  • ECON550 Personnel Economics
  • ECON585 Behavioral Economics

Food Science and Ecology

  • FNR536 Ecology of Disturbance
  • FS506 Commerical Grape and Wine Production
  • FS530 Food Ingredient Technology
  • FS531 Science of Experiemental Cuisine
  • FS554 Food Processing and Packaging
  • NUTR534 Human Sensory Systems and Food Evaluation

Governance Systems

  • CNIT511 Foundations in Homeland Security Studies
  • HK576 Theoretical Foundations Of Health Behaviors
  • HK597 Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
  • MGMT 684 Information Risk Management
  • NUTR540 Food Regulations

Marketing and Communications

  • COM518 Theories of Persuasion
  • COM632 Social Media Analytics
  • MGMT521 Brand Management 
  • MGMT523 Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • MGMT620 Marketing Management
  • TECH637 The Social Internet


  • OBHR681 Behavior in Organizations
  • OBHR683 Individual Behavior in Organizations
  • PSY570 Industrial Psychology
  • PSY572 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY643 Attitudes and Attitude Change
  • PSY680 Survey of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • SOC531 Community Organization


  • AGEC650 Application of Quantitative Analysis: Econometrics I
  • AGEC651 Application of Quantitative Analysis: Econometrics II
  • ECON562 Econometrics I
  • ECON572 Econometrics II
  • ECON573 Financial Econometrics
  • ECON670 Probability and Statistics
  • EDCI615 Qualitative Research Methods In Education 
  • EDPS638 Factor Analytic Procedures
  • HDFS628 Structural Equation Modeling
  • MGMT671 Quantitative Methods II
  • MGMT672 Quantitative Methods II
  • PSY500 Statistical Methods Applied to Psychology, Education, and Sociology 
  • PSY600 Statical Inference
  • PSY601 Correlation and Experimental Design
  • PSY633 Human Action Planning
  • PSY634 Evolutionary Determinants of Cognition
  • PSY640 Survey of Social Psychology 
  • PSY646 Multilevel Modeling
  • SOC580 Methods Of Social Research I 
  • SOC 581 Methods Of Social Research II
  • SOC680 Advanced Social Research Methods 
  • SOC686 Qualitative Methods 
  • STAT501 Experimental Statistics I
  • STAT502 Experimental Statistics II
  • STAT511 Statistical Methods
  • STAT512 Applied Regression Analysis
  • STAT513 Statistical Quality Control 
  • STAT517 Statistical Inference 
  • STAT520 Time Series and Applications 
  • TECH697 Qualitative Research Methods In Technology Studies  

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