Linda H. Nie, PhD.

Research Interests / Training Areas

  • Medical Physics, Health Physics, Radiation Sciences
  • Development of neutron and x-ray technologies for human body composition, disease diagnose, and cancer treatment
  • The application of nuclear physics and instrumentation in environmental health and medicine
  • General nuclear physics and instrumentation applications in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields


Linda H. Nie is a Associate Professor in School of Health Sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. She received a B.S. in Physics from Zhongnan University of Technology (China) in 1996, a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from McMaster University in 2001 and 2005. She did her postdoctoral training in Nuclear Instrumentation, Exposure Assessment, and Epidemiology at Harvard University from 2005 to 2009. She teaches courses in Radiation Instrumentation, Health Physics, and Radiation Emergency Management. She and her husband, Baozeng Zhang, have three children.

Recent Publications

Liu Y, Mostafaei F, Sowers D, Hsieh M, Zheng W, Nie LH*. Customized Compact Neutron Activation Analysis System to Quantify Manganese (Mn) in Bone In Vivo. Physiological Measurement, 38(2017)452-465

Specht A, Marc Weisskopf, Nie LH*. Theoretical Modelling of a Portable X-ray Tube Based KXRF System to Measure Lead in Bone. 38(2017)575-585

Hsieh M, Liu Y, Mostafaei F, Poulson J, Nie LH*. Development of a DD Neutron Generator Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy System – Feasibility and Methodology. Medical Physics, 44(2017)637-643

Wang Y, Specht A, Liu Y, Finney L, Maxey E, Zheng W, Weisskopf M, Nie LH*. Micro-distribution of Lead in Human Teeth Using Synchrotron m-XRF. X-ray Spectrometry, 46(2017)19-26

Abel M, Koltick D, Nie LH*. Associated particle neutron elemental imaging in vivo: a feasibility study, Medical Physics, 43(2016)5964-5972

Byrne P, Mostafaei F, Liu Y, Koltick D, Zheng W, Nie LH*. The Study of In Vivo Quantification of Aluminum (Al) in Human Bone with a Compact DD Generator-based Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) System. Physiological Measurements, 37(2016): 649-660

Specht A, Weisskopf M, Nie LH*. XRF-measured Bone Lead (Pb) as a Biomarker for Pb Exposure and Toxicity Among Children Diagnosed with Pb Poisoning. Biomarkers. 21(2016): 347-352

Sowers D, Liu Y, Mostafaei F, Blake S, Nie LH*. A Dosimetry Study of Deuterium-Deuterium Neutron Generator-Based in vivo Neutron Activation Analysis. Health Physics, 109(2015)566-572

Mostafaei F, Blake SP, Liu Y, Sowers DA, Nie LH* (2015). Compact DD Generator-based Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) System to Determine Fluorine in Human Bone In Vivo: A Feasibility Study. Physiological Measurement, 36(2015)2057-2067

Freeman JL*, Weber GJ, Peterson SM, Nie LH* (2014). Embryonic Ionizing Radiation Exposure Results in Expression Alterations of Genes Associated with Cardiovascular and Neurological Development, Function, and Disease and Modified Cardiovascular Function in Zebrafish. Frontiers in Genetics, 122(2014)229-334

O’Neal SL, Hong L, Fu S, Jiang W, Jones A, Nie LH, Zheng W. Manganese accumulation in bone following chronic exposure in rats: steady-state concentration and half-life in bone. Toxicol Lett. 229(2014)93-100

Liu Y, Koltick D, Byrne P, Zheng W, and Nie LH*. Development of a Transportable Neutron Activation Analysis System to Quantify Mn in Bone In Vivo – Feasibility and Methodology, Physiological Measurement, 34(2013)159

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Huiling (Linda) Nie

Associate Professor

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