AEROSOL RESEARCH LAB Dr. Jae Hong Park, School of Health Sciences

Dr. Jae Hong Park's Research

In its simplest form, an aerosol is a collection of solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas. Aerosols include a wide range of phenomena including fume, smoke, mist, fog, smog, and Asian dust. Aerosols decrease air quality and can cause adverse effects on human health. Producing and controlling aerosols are of enormous interest in virtually all fields of science, especially chemistry, biomedical and environmental engineering, and toxicology. In those fields, aerosolized particles are needed to study exposure to airborne materials and must also be controlled so as to be sampled or to prevent exposure. His research focus, past and future, is the generation and control of aerosols and bioaerosols. His current research topics include:
  • Simulation of occupational aerosols
  • Assessment of exposures to occupational aerosols
  • Development of sampling and analysis methods for bioaerosols
  • Development of safer electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)