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Sport and Exercise Psychology

Undergraduate Program:

Undergraduate students at Purdue University have the opportunity to include sport and exercise psychology coursework as part of a variety of undergraduate majors in the Department of Health and Kinesiology, including movement and sport science, applied exercise and health, and athletic training. Undergraduate students in other related fields may also take coursework in sport and exercise psychology based on availability and course requirements.

Undergraduate Courses in Sport and Exercise Psychology

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HK 372 Sport and Exercise Psychology I

This course focuses on the social and psychological factors related to participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity. The class explores both (a) how social and psychological factors influence participation and performance in physical activity, and (b) how sport, exercise, and physical activity participation affects psychological well-being. Topics include personality, socialization, learning and feedback, stress and coping, self-perceptions, motivation, and psychological methods for enhancing personal development and physical performance. This course includes both lectures and hands-on laboratory experiences.

HK 472 Sport and Exercise Psychology II

This is an advanced undergraduate course in sport and exercise psychology, covering new topics and placing special emphasis on the application of psychological principles in sport and exercise settings. Students explore the social and psychological factors related to exercise participation and physical activity performance. HK 372 is a prerequisite for this course.

HK 496/HK 490 Independent Inquiry in Movement and Sport Sciences/Independent Study

HK 496 and HK 490 are designed to provide an experiential learning activity for undergraduate students. Students work with a supervising faculty member in one of the movement and sport science sub disciplines including: biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control, motor development, sport administration, sport history, sport philosophy, and sport & exercise psychology. HK 372 is required before completing HK 490 and HK 496 in the sport and exercise psychology lab. HK 496 is for upper-level movement and sport sciences majors. In both 490 and 496, students participate in research activities in the lab. Research activities include reading and critically discussing research articles; developing research questions and hypotheses; collecting, managing, and analyzing data; and presenting the findings of the research project. Because these courses involve one-on-one mentorship by a faculty member, space is very limited, so you are advised to contact Dr. McDonough or Dr. Amireault well in advance to discuss and apply for this opportunity. An application form can also be found here for Dr. McDonough and Dr. Amireault.