Our Staff

William (Bill) Harper is a professor in the department of health and kinesiology in the area of sports history. He was a staff member in the pilot NYSP program at the University of Southern California over 40 years ago and thrilled in 2002 to be involved in helping this program get started at Purdue, first as NYSP and now as PALS.

Bill Harper Co-Founder

Bonnie Tjeerdsma Blankenship is a professor of physical education at Purdue and has been involved with NYSP/PALS since 2004. Blankenship was also the director of Purdue’s Operation Purple camp, a free summer camp for children of deployed military, for five years. Her favorite part of camp is getting to know the staff and campers and helping them develop as caring and courageous young people.

Bonnie Blankenship
Bonnie Blankenship Co-Founder