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April 6-8, 2017 Conference

Barriers and Solutions to Having Healthy Mealtime Routines for Children: A Focus Group and Pilot Study
of a Meal Calendar Website
Blake L. Jones, Carly D. Evich, & Amanda Gaskins  [pdf]

Behavioral Self-Regulation Mediates the Relation Between Background TV and Literacy Skills.
In A. Ribner (chair) Media and Self-Regulation: Research and Implications for Policy and Practice.
D. L. Nichols, A. Ribner, R. Barr, M. Lapierre, & J. T. Piotrowski   [presentation]

Boys' Middle-Childhood Testosterone-to-Cortisol Responsivity Ratio and Externalizing and Substance
Use Problems in Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Kristine Marceau, Leslie Brick, & Ralph Tarter  [presentation-pdf]

Can Young Children Learn Pre-Literacy Skills from Online Educational Games?
K. Schmitt, L. S. Duel, & D. L. Nichols   [poster]

Developmental Trajectories of Maternal Sensitivity across the Preschool Years: The Role of Marital Conflict
Jill M. Trumbell, Germán Posada, & Laura Anaya  [pdf]

Differential Susceptibility to Media Effects: Who is Affected by what Media Content Under Which Circumstances?
D. L. Nichols & R. Barr   [poster]

Dyadic Synchrony and Responsiveness in the First Year: Associations with Autism Risk and Later Diagnoses
Ashleigh M. Kellerman, R. Abu-Zhaya, G. S. Young, M. Miller, S. Ozonoff, & A. J. Schwichtenberg  [pdf]

Dynamic Associations Between Witnessing In-Home Violence, Post-Traumatic Stress, and
Physical Aggression
Aura Ankita Mishra, Brittany P. Mihalec-Adkins, & Sharon Christ  [pdf]

Exploring Cross-Cultural Variations in the Development of Executive Function for Preschoolers from Low
and High Socioeconomic Families
Sara A. Schmitt, Irem Korucu, David J. Purpura, Shawn Whiteman, Chenyi Zhang, & Fuyi Yang   [pdf]

Fathers as a Secure Base: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Sensitivity-Security Link During the
Preschool Years
Laura Anaya, Irem Korucu, Magaly Noblega, Francesco Marinelli, Andrea Ugarte, Patricia Bárrig,
Verónica Grandez, Mercedes Delgado, Jill Trumbell, & Germán Posada   [pdf]

Influence of Obesity and Sleep Duration on Hypertension Status Among Pre-adolescent Midwestern
Latinos and their Parents
Salma Elwazeer, Carly D. Evich, Blake L. Jones, Sheelagh M. Evans, Michael R. Plante,
Yoon Young Kwak, & Zoe E. Taylor  [pdf]

The Mediating Role of Sleep on the Associations Between Childhood Maltreatment Types and Later
Life Health Conditions
Aura Ankita Mishra, Sharon L. Christ, Brittany P. Mihalec-Adkins, & Elliot M. Friedman   [presentation-pdf]

The Mental Health and Well-Being of Youth from Latino Migrant Farmworker Families
Zoe E. Taylor & Yumary Ruiz   [presentation-pdf]

Polygenic and Prenatal Maternal Smoke Exposure Risk for Adolescent Substance Use
Kristine Marceau, Rohan Palmer, John McGeary, & Valerie Knopik  [presentation-pdf]

Promoting Strengths and Resiliency in Single Mother Families
Zoe E. Taylor & Rand D. Conger   [poster-pdf]      [presentation-pdf]

Reciprocal Relationship Between Parental Psychological Aggression and Adolescent Externalizing
Problems: Does the Reporter Matter?

Yoonyoung Kwak & Sharon L. Christ  [pdf]

Teacher-Child Relationships for Highly Mobile Children Living in Non-Parental Care
Sara A. Schmitt, Megan Pratt, & Shannon T. Lipscomb   [pdf]

Toddlers' and Preschoolers' Development as a Function of Participation in QRIS Quality-Rated Child
Care:  A Longitudinal Analysis

James Elicker, Zachary Gold, Sharon Christ, Aura Mishra & Sara Lane  [pdf]

Using Technology to Overcome Poverty-Related Disparities in Early Language Experience.
J. Carta, G. Troseth, & G. Dickinson, Chairs.

Deborah L. Nichols   [Pre-conference panel discussant]


March 19-21, 2015 Conference

Schedule of HDFS participants (pdf)

Gender and Play Context Differences in Preschoolers' Physical, Social, and Early Engineering Play
Zachary S. Gold, James Elicker, Treshawn Anderson, and Ji Young Choi   [pdf]

Housing Instability and Academic Trajectories for Children Living in Poverty
Sara A. Schmitt and Shannon Lipscomb  [pdf]

Longitudinal Lagged Associations between Head Start Children's Social-Emotional Skills and Academic Performance
Ji Young Choi and James Elicker  [pdf]

Marital Aggression and Childrearing Disagreements: Relations to Child Secure Base Behavior in a Preschool Sample
Laura Anaya, Hannah Addie, Jill Trumbell, and Germán Posada  [pdf]

Mother-Child Attachment Relationships during Early Childhood: Concurrent and Longitudinal Associations
Jill M. Trumbell and Germán Posada   [pdf]

Parental Involvement in Middle School: Examining Nonlinear Associations
Elizabeth Wehrspann and Aryn Dotterer   [pdf]

The Secure Base Phenomenon: Organization of Behavior and Narratives in Two Cultures
Eunjung Kim, Jill Trumbell, Sandra Plata, and Germán Posada   [pdf]

Trajectories in Early Learning: Evidence from Growth Curve Modeling with Head Start Children
Ji Young Choi and James Elicker   [pdf]

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