Virginia Family Impact Seminars

The Virginia Family Impact Seminars are not currently an active site of the Family Impact Institute, but hold alumni status. They were formerly directed by Robyn McDougle at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 6 May 2017 The Adverse Effects of Childhood Trauma
FIS 5 May 2016 Aging Out of Foster Care; Fostering Futures Into Adulthood
FIS 4 May 2013 Military and Veteran Families: Focus on Strategies for Sustainable Housing and Family Well-Being
FIS 3 May 2011 Employment Opportunities and Workforce Development: Policies, Programs and Strategies for Virginia’s Families
FIS 2 September 2009 Substance Abuse Prevention: Policies, Programs and Strategies for Virginia’s Youth
FIS 1 October 2008 Truancy and Dropout Prevention Policies: Strategies for Virginia’s Youth