Virginia Family Impact Seminars

The Virginia Family Impact Seminars is directed by Robyn McDougle at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 6 May 2017 The Adverse Effects of Childhood Trauma
FIS 5 May 2016 Aging Out of Foster Care; Fostering Futures Into Adulthood
FIS 4 May 2013 Military and Veteran Families: Focus on Strategies for Sustainable Housing and Family Well-Being
FIS 3 May 2011 Employment Opportunities and Workforce Development: Policies, Programs and Strategies for Virginia’s Families
FIS 2 September 2009 Substance Abuse Prevention: Policies, Programs and Strategies for Virginia’s Youth
FIS 1 October 2008 Truancy and Dropout Prevention Policies: Strategies for Virginia’s Youth

Contact Information

  • Robyn McDougle
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Office of Public Policy Outreach
  • Scherer Hall, Room 107
  • Richmond, VA 23298
  • (804) 828-2579
  • Jordan Stewart