Utah Family Impact Seminars

The Utah Family Impact Seminars are directed by Susan Talley at Utah State University Snow.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 5 February 2017 Homelessness and Families
FIS 4 February 2016 Taking The Bull By The Horns: Utah and the Upcoming Tsunami of Alzheimer’s Disease
FIS 3 February 2014 Rural Families and Mental Health
FIS 2 March 2013 Families and Mental Health: Childhood Exposure to Traumatic Events
FIS 1 January 2011 Family Courts: Past and Future

Contact Information

  • Susan Talley
  • Utah State University Southwest
  • Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development
  • 325 W. 100 N.
  • Ephraim, UT 84627
  • (435) 283-5657
  • susan.talley@usu.edu