New Mexico Family Impact Seminars

The New Mexico Family Impact Seminars are directed by Esther Devall and Lisa Shields of New Mexico State University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 8 December 2012 Jobs: Are we filling the ones we have? Are we ready for the future?
FIS 7 January 2012 The Continuing Recession: Impact on Economic Security for Families
FIS 6 February 2011 Medicaid: How are States Controlling Costs? Are Children at Risk?
FIS 5 December 2009 New Mexico Dropout Rate: Contributing Factors and Implications for Policy
FIS 4 November 2008 The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children, and the Community: Consequences and Costs
FIS 3 November 2007 Early Childhood Development: The Economic, Social, and Psychological Impact of Education and Care
FIS 2 January 2006 Saving Lives, Saving Dollars: Mitigating the Impact of Child Maltreatment
FIS 1 January 2005 Family Violence and Children: Perspectives for Policy

Contact Information

  • Esther Devall
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Department
  • New Mexico State University