Nebraska Family Impact Seminars

The Nebraska Family Impact Seminars are not currently an active site of the Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars, but hold alumni status. They were formerly directed by Brian Wilcox and Vicky Weisz of the Center on Children, Families and the Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 4 February 2007 Foster Care: Challenges and Policy Issues
FIS 3 January 2006 Welfare Reform: Promoting Parental Self-Sufficiency While Ensuring the Well-Being of Children
FIS 2 February 2004 Rising Health Care Costs: Policy Options
FIS 1 February 2003 Public Children’s Health Insurance

Contact Information

  • Brian Wilcox
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Center on Children, Families & the Law
  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln