Michigan Family Impact Seminars

The Michigan Family Impact Seminars are directed by Anissa Eddie and Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 23 April 7, 2015 The Intersection of the Developing Teen Brain and Emerging Social Justice Policies
FIS 22 December 2013 Racial and Ethnic Infant Mortality: Narrowing the Gap in Michigan
FIS 21 September 2013 Team Care Transformations For Family Health
FIS 20 May 2013 Michigan’s Health Care Workforce: Capacity, Demand, and Policy Options
FIS 19 April 2012 Pathways to Michigan’s Economy & Jobs
FIS 18 December 2011 Juvenile Justice: Investing in Success
FIS 17 May 2011 Reforming Juvenile Justice: Fiscally Sound, Evidence-Based Strategies
FIS 16 December 2009 Strengthening Michigan Family Finances: Policy Options for Weathering Tough Times
FIS 15 March 2009 Policy Options for Justice Reinvestment in Michigan: Implications for Families
FIS 14 April 2008 The Journey Home: Connecting Soldiers, Families, and Communities
FIS 13 October 2007 The Future is Now: Long-Term Care Needs of Michigan Families
FIS 12 March 2007 Improving Health Care Quality While Controlling Costs: What Can State Policymakers Do?
FIS 11 May 2006 Preparing Michigan’s Communities and Families for the New Economy
FIS 10 April 2005 Early Childhood Education and Care: An Economic Development Strategy for Michigan
FIS 9 February 2005 Supporting Children and Families While Controlling Medicaid Costs
FIS 8 November 2003 Across the Challenging Terrain: Welfare Reform and Adolescents
FIS 7 October 2003 Innovative State and Local Approaches to Health Coverage for Children
FIS 6 April 2002 Prostituted Teens: More than a Runaway Problem
FIS 5 March 2002 What About Me? Children with Incarcerated Parents
FIS 4 April 2001 Moving Families Out of Poverty
FIS 3 March 2001 Promising Approaches to Reduce Youth Violence
FIS 2 April 2000 Children and Divorce
FIS 1 March 2000 Child Care and Education

Additional Published Reports and Co-sponsored Talks

April 2005 – Childhood Obesity: The Impact of School, Neighborhood, and Societal Changes (talk)

June 2001 – Urban Youth Violence in Michigan (report)