Massachusetts Family Impact Seminars

The Massachusetts Family Impact Seminars are directed by Margaret Post and Joseph Corazzini of Clark University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 10 March 2019 #MAToo: Addressing Sexual Assault on College Campuses in Massachusetts
FIS 9 March 2018 Kids Are Not All Right: Policy Options to Address Youth Trauma in Massachusetts
FIS 8 April 2017 Unhealthy, Unwealthy:  Health Disparities in Massachusetts
FIS 7 March 2016 Chemical Reactions:  Marijuana, Opioids, and Our Families
FIS 6 March 2015 Mission Critical:  Reforming Foster Care and Child Protective Service
FIS 5 March 2014 A Lot on Our Plate: Chronic Health Threats in Massachusetts
FIS 4 March 2013 Youth at Risk: Part 2
FIS 3 April 2012 Youth at Risk: Part 1
FIS 2 March 2011 Men at Risk: The Physical, Psychological, and Social Health of Men in Massachusetts
FIS 1 March 2010 The Great Recession and Its Impact on Families