Louisiana Family Impact Seminars

The Louisiana Family Impact Seminars are directed by Pam Monroe of Louisiana State University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 7 May 2015 Youth Aging Out of Foster Care:  Eliminating Barriers to College Success
FIS 6 March 2013 Youth Aging out of Foster Care
FIS 5 March 2012 Predatory Lending and its Impact on Louisiana Families
FIS 4 November 2011 Evidence-Based Solutions to Poverty: Nurse-Family Partnership Home Visitation Program
FIS 3 March 2011 Positive Birth Outcomes for Louisiana Families
FIS 2 February 2010 Connecting Business to Innovative Strategies for Poverty Reduction: Economic Benefits of Early Childhood Investments
FIS 1 January 2009 New Findings About an Innovative Performance-Based Scholarship Program for Low-Income Parents Attending Louisiana Community Colleges

Contact Information

  • Pam Monroe
  • Louisiana State University
  • School of Social Work
  • pmonroe@lsu.edu