Indiana Family Impact Seminars

The Indiana Family Impact Seminars are directed by Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth and Rob Duncan of Purdue University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS23 December 2020 The Digital Divide: How Does it Divide Hoosiers?
FIS22 November 2019 Hoosiers and Homes: Housing Policies in Indiana
FIS21 November 2018 Our Double Epidemic: Hoosier Children Caught in the Opioid Crisis
FIS20 November 2017 Diversion Programs at the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
FIS19 November 2016 The Future of Indiana:  Reducing Risky Behaviors of Our Youth
FIS 18 November 2015 Rising Substance Abuse and Hoosier Families:  What can Legislators Do?
FIS 17 November 2014 Pre-K in Indiana:  Preparing our Children For Success
FIS 16 November 2013 Now What? Implementing Health Care Reform in Indiana
FIS 15 November 2012 The New Age of Health Care: Implications for Hoosier Families
FIS 14 November 2011 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
FIS 13 November 2010 The Legacy of Literacy
FIS 12 November 2009 Maximizing the Value of P-12 Educational Resources in Indiana
FIS 11 November 2008 The Burden of the Unbanked in Indiana
FIS 10 November 2007 Meeting the Challenge of Moving Youth into the Workforce: Reducing Dropouts and Increasing Educational Attainment
FIS 9 November 2006 Financing Healthcare for Indiana Families
FIS 8 November 2005 Gambling: What are the Odds for Indiana Families?
FIS 7 January 2005 Growing Indiana’s Human Capital: Assuring Positive Futures for Youth
FIS 6 January 2004 Ensuring the Economic Security of Indiana’s Children
FIS 5 January 2003 The Effect of Changes in Tax Policy on Indiana Families
FIS 4 January 2002 Ensuring the Health of Long-Term Care: Policy Options
FIS 3 January 2001 Enhancing the Educational Experience: Policy Alternatives
FIS 2 January 2000 Middle School Violence: Keeping Students Safe
FIS 1 February 1999 Healthy Environments for Young Children

Contact Information

  • Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
  • Purdue University
  • Fowler Memorial House
  • 1200 W. State Street, Room 202
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • (765) 494-6026