Indiana Family Impact Seminars

The Indiana Family Impact Seminars are directed by Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth of Purdue University.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS20 November 2017 Diversion Programs at the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
FIS19 November 2016 The Future of Indiana:  Reducing Risky Behaviors of Our Youth
FIS 18 November 2015 Rising Substance Abuse and Hoosier Families:  What can Legislators Do?
FIS 17 November 2014 Pre-K in Indiana:  Preparing our Children For Success
FIS 16 November 2013 Now What? Implementing Health Care Reform in Indiana
FIS 15 November 2012 The New Age of Health Care: Implications for Hoosier Families
FIS 14 November 2011 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
FIS 13 November 2010 The Legacy of Literacy
FIS 12 November 2009 Maximizing the Value of P-12 Educational Resources in Indiana
FIS 11 November 2008 The Burden of the Unbanked in Indiana
FIS 10 November 2007 Meeting the Challenge of Moving Youth into the Workforce: Reducing Dropouts and Increasing Educational Attainment
FIS 9 November 2006 Financing Healthcare for Indiana Families
FIS 8 November 2005 Gambling: What are the Odds for Indiana Families?
FIS 7 January 2005 Growing Indiana’s Human Capital: Assuring Positive Futures for Youth
FIS 6 January 2004 Ensuring the Economic Security of Indiana’s Children
FIS 5 January 2003 The Effect of Changes in Tax Policy on Indiana Families
FIS 4 January 2002 Ensuring the Health of Long-Term Care: Policy Options
FIS 3 January 2001 Enhancing the Educational Experience: Policy Alternatives
FIS 2 January 2000 Middle School Violence: Keeping Students Safe
FIS 1 February 1999 Healthy Environments for Young Children

Contact Information

  • Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
  • Purdue University
  • Fowler Memorial House
  • 1200 W. State Street, Room 202
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • (765) 494-6026