The Illinois Family Impact Seminars not currently an active site of the Family Impact Institute, but hold alumni status. They were formerly directed by Rachel Gordon and coordinated by Kathy Harrington Sullivan of the University of Illinois’ Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA) from 2006 to 2015.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 10 2015 Science Education
FIS 9 2014 Safe Infant Sleep II: a brainstorming meeting regarding unanswered questions in the prevention of infant mortality, particularly risks related to adult-infant bed sharing
FIS 8 April 2013 Guarding All Children in Sleep: New Ideas for Reducing Disparities in Safe Sleep Practices
FIS 7 April 2012 Differential Response: A New Approach to Fighting Child Abuse and Neglect
FIS 6 February 2011 Learning to Play, Playing to Learn: The Importance of Play in Early Childhood and the Transition to School
FIS 5 March 2010 Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards: Celebrating Success and Moving Forward
FIS 4 April 2009 Helping Illinois’ Families in Economic Crisis
FIS 3 May 2008 Illinois Families Under Stress: The Long Term Care Crisis
FIS 2 February 2007 School’s Out: After-School Programs and Policies that Work
FIS 1 February 2006 What Works in Reducing Crime: A Family Perspective for State Policymaking