District of Columbia Family Impact Seminars

The District of Columbia Family Impact Seminars, one of the first Family Impact Seminar sites, is a project of the Center for Research on Children in the United States, a joint venture between Georgetown Public Policy Institute and the Georgetown University Department of Psychology. The Seminars are directed by William Gormley of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

Seminar Date Topic
FIS 37 April 2012 Strengthening Elementary Education
FIS 36 January 2010 From Harlem Children’s Zone to Promise Neighborhoods: Creating the Tipping Point for Success
FIS 35 September 2009 Home Visitation Programs as an Early Intervention Strategy
FIS 34 February 2006 Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity?
FIS 33 April 2005 Children of Prisoners
FIS 32 November 2004 Parental Involvement in Juvenile Justice: Prospects and Possibilities
FIS 31 March 2004 Child Advocacy in Hard Times
FIS 30 April 2003 Federal Education Policies and Students with Special Needs: Challenges and Opportunities for Children in the District
FIS 29 January 2003 DC Family Court: How Is It Working?
FIS 28 April 2001 Child Welfare in the District: Where Do We Go From Here?
FIS 27 December 2000 15 Months and Counting: An Update on Welfare Reform in the District
FIS 26 October 2000 Reducing Teen Pregnancy in the District of Columbia
FIS 25 May 2000 Sign ’em Up: Strategies to Enroll Eligible Children in DC Healthy Families
FIS 24 February 2000 Reconnecting DC Families: Involving Low-Income Families in the Lives of Their Children
FIS 23 November 1999 Do School-Based Mental Health Services Make Sense?
FIS 22 May 1999 Out-of-School Time Activities: Can Programs Help Families and Can Families Help Programs?
FIS 21 February 1999 Quality Housing for All: Family and Community-Led Initiatives
FIS 20 November 1998 Educating with Peers: Others Do – Should You?
FIS 19 April 1998 Saving Our Schools: Would Vouchers Create New Solutions or New Problems?
FIS 18 February 1998 Finding Families: DC’s Foster Family Deficit
FIS 17 October 1997 Building the Future: Strategies to Serve Immigrant Families in the District
FIS 16 May 1997 Diverting Children from Crime: Family-Centered, Community-Based Strategies for Prevention
FIS 15 March 1997 The Child Care Crisis in the District of Columbia: Can (or Should) Businesses Fill the Gap?
FIS 14 November 1996 Feeding Our Families: Community Food Security in the District of Columbia
FIS 13 September 1996 Keeping our Kids Safe: Preventing Injury in DC Public Schools
FIS 12 July 1996 Fundraising for Family-Centered Organizations in the District
FIS 11 April 1996 Strengthening Families: Parenting Programs and Policies in the District
FIS 10 February 1996 Transitioning from Welfare-to-Work in the District: A Family-Centered Perspective
FIS 9 November 2005 Helping Families and Schools Get It Done: Mentoring Interventions in the District
FIS 8 September 1995 Caring for our Children: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income, Working Families in the District
FIS 7 July 1995 Families that Play Together: Recreation and Leisure in the District
FIS 6 April 1996 HIV/AIDS: Helping Families Cope
FIS 5 February 1995 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs
FIS 4 November 1994 Family-Friendly Welfare Reform: Using Welfare Policies to Strengthen the Family
FIS 3 September 1994 Preventing Family Violence
FIS 2 May 1994 Preventing Adolescent Violence in the District of Columbia
FIS 1 December 1993 Integrating Services for Preventing Teen Pregnancies

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