Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #8

Programs and Policies to Prevent Youth Crime, Smoking and Substance Use: What Works?

February 19, 1997

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Featured Speakers

Peter Greenwood, Director, The RAND Corporation’s Criminal Justice Program
Diverting Children from A Life of Crime: Costs and Benefits

Phyllis Ellickson, Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation and Chair, Health Research Council
Helping Urban Teenagers Avoid High-Risk Behavior: What We’ve Learned From Prevention Research

Patrick Remington, Chief Medical Officer for Chronic Disease at the Wisconsin Division of Health, Adjunct Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Review of Policies for Preventing Teen Tobacco Use: What Works What Doesn’t

Clara Pratt, Professor and Endowed Chair in Family Policy, Oregon State University
One State’s Experience with Evaluating Prevention Efforts

Additional Chapters/Materials

Selected Resources on Prevention, Smoking, Substance Use, and Juvenile Crime, by Kirsten D. Linney