Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #5

Welfare Reform: Can Government Promote Parental Self-sufficiency While Ensuring the Well-being of Children?

January 25, 1995

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Featured Speakers

Thomas Corbett, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Associate Director of the Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Child Poverty and Welfare Dependency: An Enduring Dilemma

Kristin Moore, Executive Director and Director of Research, Child Trends, Inc.
What Are Families On Welfare Like? How Is Welfare likely To Affect Children and Why?

Rebecca Maynard, Trustee Professor of Education, Social Policy, & Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, Senior Fellow, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Welfare Reform and Teenage Childbearing: Lessons From a Decade of Research

Additional Chapters/Materials

Welfare Reform and the Need for a Two-Generational Approach: A Wisconsin Perspective, by Karen Bogenschneider

Wisconsin Resources on Welfare Reform, by Beverly Hartberg