Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #29

Evidence-Based Budgeting: Making Decisions to Move Wisconsin Forward

January 26, 2011

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Featured Speakers

David Merriman, Associate Director, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, and Professor of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago
Looking Back, Looking Forward: Budget Lessons from Five Midwest States

Steve Aos, Director, Washington State Institute for Public Policy
Using Evidence to Maximize Return on Taxpayer Investment

William Fox, Director, Center for Business & Economic Research, and Professor, Department of Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Designing Revenue Policy for Wisconsin’s Future

Q & A

Additional Chapters/Materials

Selected Resources on Evidence-Based Budgeting

Executive Summary–Efficiently Reducing Corrections Costs in Wisconsin: Applying the Washington State Model, by Sylvia Fredericks, Sara Kock, Emily Ley, Olivia Little, Natalie Olson, and Paul Waldhart