Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #21

cosponsored by the Wisconsin Public Health & Health Policy Institute’s Health Policy Forums

Improving Health Care Quality While Curbing Costs

February 3, 2005

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Featured Speakers

Scott Leitz, Director, Health Economics Program and State Health Economist, Minnesota Department of Health
Health Care Cost Growth, Drivers, and Implications for States

Paul Fronstin, Director of the Health Research and Education Program, Employee Benefit Research Institute
The Potential Impact of Consumer Health Savings Accounts as a Market-Based Approach by Improving Quality and Reducing Costs

Francois de Brantes, Program Leader of Health Care Initiatives for General Electric Company, Corporate Health Care and Medical Services
Transparency and Pay for Performance: Building a Real Business Case for Better Quality Health Care

Additional Chapters/Materials

The State of Wisconsin’s Employee Group Health Benefit Program: An Overview, Prepared by Tom Korpady