Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #13

Raising the Next Generation: Public and Private Parenting Initiatives

October 20, 1999

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Featured Speakers

Dave Riley, Professor of Child and Family Studies and Child Development Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension
Do We Know What Good Parenting Is? And Can Public Policy Promote It?

Patricia Chamberlain, Executive Director, Oregon Social Learning Center Community Programs
Community Alternatives for Chronic Juvenile Offenders and Emotionally Disturbed Youngsters: Implications for the Foster Care System

William Doherty, Professor of Family Social Sciences at the University of Minnesota and President, National Council on Family Relations
Activating a Grass-Roots Parents’ Movement

Additional Chapters/Materials

Snapshots of Wisconsin Family Support and Parent Education Programs, by the Wisconsin Family Impact Seminars

Selected Resources on Parenting, by Jessica Mills