Wisconsin Family Impact Seminar #10

Building Resiliency and Reducing Risk: What Youth Need from Families and Communities to Succeed

January 29, 1998

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Featured Speakers

Karen Bogenschneider, Associate Professor of Child & Family Studies and Family Policy Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension
What Youth Need to Succeed: The Roots of Resiliency

Tena St. Pierre, Associate Professor of Agricultural & Extension Education and Senior Research Associate, Institute for Policy Research & Evaluation, Pennsylvania State University
Involving Parents of High-Risk Youth in Drug Prevention

David Andrews, Professor of Human Development & Family Science, Assistant Director of Extension of 4-H Youth Development, Ohio State University
Preventing Delinquency Through Effective Parent Training and Adult Support

Martha Farrell Erickson, Director of the Children, Youth and Families Consortium, University of Minnesota
Strong Beginnings: Promoting Resiliency Through Secure Parent-Infant Relationships

Additional Chapters/Materials

Selected Resources on Reducing Risk and Promoting Resiliency in Youth, by Jonathan R. Olson