North Carolina Family Impact Seminar #5

Evidence-based Policy: Strategies for Improving Outcomes and Accountability

February 23, 2009

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Featured Speakers

Jon Baron, Executive Director, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
Using Rigorous Evidence To Improve Government Effectiveness: An Introduction

Brian Bumbarger, Director, Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support Center, Prevention Research Center, Penn State University
Taking Evidence-based Prevention to Scale: Impact, Cost-effectiveness, and Lessons Learned

Kenneth Dodge, William McDougall Professor of Public Policy Studies, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, and Director, Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University
Evidence-based Policy: Strategies for Improving Outcomes and Accountability

Robert Foss, Senior Research Scientist & Director, Center for the Study of Young Drivers, Highway Safety Research Center, UNC-Chapel Hill
Evidence-based Policy: Lessons from the North Carolina Graduated Licensing Program

Michelle Hughes, Vice President for Programs, Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina
Successfully Implementing Evidence-Based Programs for Children and Families in North Carolina

Charisse Johnson, Section Chief for Child Welfare Services, NC DHHS, Division of Social Services
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services

Janelle Lynch, Executive Director ( R ), House Children and Youth Committee, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Rhett Mabry, Director, Child Care, The Duke Endowment
The Duke Endowment: Spirit of Genius. Legacy of Hope

Additional Chapters/Materials

Using Rigorous Evidence to Improve Government Effectiveness: An Introduction, by Katie Rosanbalm

Designing Better Pilot Programs: 10 Questions Policymakers Should Ask, by Kristopher Nordstrom

Using Research to Drive Public Policy: The Case of the North Carolina Graduated Driver Licensing System, by Robert Foss

Successfully Implementing Evidence-based Programs for Children and Families in North Carolina, by Katie Rosanbalm, Michelle Hughes, Charisse Johnson, Rhett Mabry, and Lauren Akers

The Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Taking Evidence-based Prevention to Scale: Lessons Learned from One State’s Experience, by Brian K. Bumbarger and Jenni Owen