North Carolina Family Impact Seminar #4

Dropout Prevention: Strategies for Improving High School Graduation Rates

June 19, 2008

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Featured Speakers

Irving Hamer, Jr., Executive Vice President for Client Services and Strategic Development, The Millennium Group

James Kemple, Director of K-12 Education Policy Area, MDRC
Meeting Six Critical Challenges to Improving Low-Performing High Schools: Performing High Schools: Lessons from Recent Research

Russell Rumberger, Professor of Education, Gervitz Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara; Director, University of California Linguistic Minority Research Institute; and Director, California Dropout Research Project
Building System Capacity to Improve High School Graduation Rates

Additional Chapters/Materials

Tough Questions for Policymakers to Consider in Addressing the Dropout Problem, by Thomas Ahn

Assessing the North Carolina Dropout Challenge, by Casey Wyant

What is a Dropout?, by Kara Bonneau

State-level Dropout Prevention Programs, Strategies and Policies, by Joel Rosch and Jenni Owen