North Carolina Family Impact Seminar #3

Adolescent Offenders and the Line between the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

March 20, 2007

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Featured Speakers

Donna Bishop, Professor, College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University
Adolescents in the Criminal Justice System: Research and Implications for Policy

Sarah Hammond, Program Principal, Criminal Justice, National Conference of State Legislatures
Setting the Stage: Adolescent Offenders in the US and NC

Toni Walker, Deputy Majority Leader, State of Connecticut General Assembly
Another State’s Experience: Considerations for NC policymakers

Kenneth Dodge, Professor, Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University
Next Steps for Legislators and Agency Leaders

Additional Chapters/Materials

Setting the Stage: Juvenile Justice History, Statistics, and Practices in the United States and North Carolina, by Ann Brewster

Research on Adolescent Development, Competence, and Character, by Courtnye Lloyd and Lisa J. Berlin

How Other States Treat Adolescent Offenders, by Joel Rosch

Juvenile or Adult Court: Research on Future Offending, by Shari Miller-Johnson and Joel Rosch

Policy Options and Considerations for Further Deliberation, by Joel Rosch, Jenni Owen, and Lisa J. Berlin