Michigan Family Impact Seminar #9

Supporting Children and Families While Controlling Medicaid Costs

February 1, 2005

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Featured Speakers

Vernon Smith, Principal, Health Management Associates
A National Challenge: How States Are Trying to Control Medicaid Costs (And Why It’s So Hard)

Lynn Friss Feinberg, Deputy Director, National Center on Caregiving
Family Caregivers: The Backbone of Long Term Care

Nigel Paneth, Associate Dean for Research at the College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
Preventing Childhood Obesity: Controlling Medicaid Costs

Additional Chapters/Materials

Introduction, by Laura Bates

Michigan Programs to Support Family Caregivers, by Laura Bates

Policies and Programs to Promote Healthy Lifestyles among Michigan’s Children, by Bethany Ann Zimmerman

Promising Programs