Michigan Family Impact Seminar #4

Moving Families Out of Poverty

April 17, 2001

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Featured Speakers

Rebecca Blank, Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Economics, and Dean, The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Fighting Poverty: Lessons from Recent U.S. History

Sheila Zedlewski, Director of the Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute
How Well Does TANF Fit the Needs of the Most Disadvantaged Families?

Additional Chapters/Materials

Children and Poverty in Michigan, by Eileen Trzinski and David J. Pauley

Urban Areas, Poverty, and Welfare Reform: Focus on Wayne County, by Eileen Trzinski

Strategies to Support Work and Reduce Poverty, by Eileen Trzinski

Barriers to Employment, by Deborah Satyanatha

Domestic Violence and Poverty, by Deborah Satyanatha and Anna Pollack