Louisiana Family Impact Seminar #4

Evidence-Based Solutions to Poverty: Nurse-Family Partnership Home Visitation Program

November 14, 2011

Featured Speakers

Catherine Beane, National Policy Director, Children’s Defense Fund

Melissa Boteach, Half in Ten Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund

Additional Chapters/Materials

Archived Video of the Hearing of the Select Committee on Women and Children

Child Poverty in America 2010, by the Children’s Defense Fund

Children in Louisiana, by the Children’s Defense Fund

Half in Ten Organizational Pledge, by Half in Ten

Pathways to Prosperity: How Louisiana Can Go From Worst to First in Pulling Its Citizens out of Poverty, by Melissa Flournoy

Testimony from Catherine Beane, Children’s Defense Fund

Testimony from Lynda Gavioli, Governor’s Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board

Testimony from Kimberly Williams, Nurse Family Partnership