Iowa Family Impact Seminar #3

Bringing Families Out of Poverty

February 9, 2012

Featured Speakers

Helen Jensen, Professor of Economics and Director of the Food and Nutrition Policy Division, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University
Providing Healthy Food Choices: Keeping Food Programs Current with Dietary Guidelines

Linda Snetselaar, Professor and Chair, Preventive Nutrition Education, Department of Epidemiology, University of Iowa
The New Face of Poverty

Additional Chapters/Materials

More Than Just Food: The Diverse Effects Of Food Assistance Programs, by Helen Jensen and Parke Wilde

Reducing Obesity via a School-Based Interdisciplinary Intervention Among Youth, by Steven Gortmaker, Karen Peterson, Jean Wiecha, Arthur Sobol, Sujata Dixit, Mary Kay Fox, and Nan Laird

School-Based Programs: Lessons Learned from CATCH, Planet Health, and Not-On-Tobacco, by Adele Franks, Steven Kelder, Geri Dino, Kimberly Horn, Steven Gortmaker, Jean Wiecha, and Eduardo Simoes

USDA School Meal Programs Face New Challenges, by Joanne Guthrie, Constance Newman, and Katherine Ralston