Illinois Family Impact Seminar #8

Guarding All Children in Sleep: New Ideas for Reducing Disparities in Safe Sleep Practices

April 26, 2013

Featured Speakers

Stephanie Cowan, Founding Director, Change for our Children

Rachel Gordon, Director, Illinois Family Impact Seminars
Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality and Safe Sleep Practices, Nationally and in Illinois

Fern Hauck, Spencer P. Bass, MD, Twenty-First Century Professor of Family Medicine and Professor of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia
Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Other Sleep Related Sudden Infant Deaths: Trends, Policy, Implementation

Wendy Middlemiss, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, University of North Texas
Moving Forward

Lane Volpe, Medical Anthropologist and Vice President, The Implementation Group
Infant Sleep-Related Risk Reduction: Moving the Discussion Forward

Nancy Maruyama, RN, BSN, Director of Education, SIDS of Illinois
Preventing Sleep Related Infant Deaths