The Kids Are Not All Right:  Policy Options to Address Youth Trauma in Massachusetts

March 28, 2018

Briefing Report

Featured Speakers

Denise Hines, Ph.D., Director, Massachusetts Family Impact Seminars, Co-Founder, Clark Anti-Violence Education Program, Associate Research Professor, Department of Psychology, Clark University

Campus Sexual Assault Presentation 

Laurie Ross, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Community Development and Planning, Clark University

Early Childhood Trauma as a Risk Factor for Youth Violence:  Policy Options to Break Generational Cycles of Violence

Marianne Sarkis, Ph.D., Program Coordinator,  Henry J. and Erna Dr. Leir Global and Community Health Program, Assistant Professor, Department of International Development, Community, and Environment, Clark University

Gaps, Best Practices, And Challenges In Responding To Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exloitation