Kentucky Family Impact Seminar #4

Transitioning from Foster Care to Adulthood

February 21, 2017

Justin “Jay” Miller, Ph.D., MSW, CSW.  Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Kentucky

“Transitioning into Adulthood:  An Overview of Kentucky Foster Youth”

Alexander T. Vazsanyi, Ph.D., Endowed Professor, Department of Family Sciences, School of Human and Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky and Adrian Weldon. Presented by Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova. Doctoral Student, Department of Family Sciences, University of Kentucky

“Adolescent Development Turning Point”

Mark Courtney, Ph.D., Professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago

“The Difficult Transition To Adulthood for Foster Youth in the U.S.:  Implications for the State as Corporate Parent”

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