Kentucky Family Impact Seminar #2

Building Strong Families for Kentucky:  The Role of Food Policy Councils

February 3, 2015

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Featured Speakers

Gail Feenstra, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program and Agricultural Sustainability Institute
Local/Regional Food Systems:  Opportunities for Community Engagement and Policy 

Mark Winne, Food Policy and Food System Consultant and Senior Advisor for John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Why Have A Food Policy Council?

Janet Mullins, PhD., School of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky                                                                                         The Power of Policy:  Food, Families, Farms, and Communities

Pam Roy, Executive Director of Farm to Table, Coordinator of NM Food & Agriculture Policy Council, and Santa Fe Food Policy Council
Building Strong Families:  The Role of Food Policy Councils

Additional Chapters/Materials

Seminar Audio