Research Team

Our Team

Jessica P. Lougheed, PhD

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Role: Director

Research Interests: Parent-adolescent relationships; emotion dynamics; interpersonal emotion regulation; internalizing symptoms (depression and anxiety)

J P Lougheed CV – 04-2019


Gizem Keskin

Role: Gizem is a first-year PhD student in the Family Dynamics Lab

Research Interests: Parent-adolescent dynamics; adolescent development; emotion regulation in the family context

Advisor: Dr. Lougheed

Christine McCall

Role: Christine is a third-year graduate student enrolled in HDFS 690 in the Family Dynamics Lab.

Research Interests: Christine is interested in family processes during periods of transitions and disruptions. Her current work examines how circumstances of military contexts (e.g., deployment, mental functioning) affect couple functioning, and how dyadic responses might promote adaptation following such disruptions.

Advisor: Dr. Shelley MacDermid-Wadsworth

Emerald Evans

Role: Emerald is an undergraduate student majoring in Law and Society with a double minor in Forensic Science and Human Development and Family Studies. Emerald was a research intern for the Summer of 2019 and is now the research coordinator for our Online Emotion Study.

Interests: Emerald enjoys learning about relationships in families and how every family is structured differently. With this, she finds it interesting how different generations can go about raising their family differently than previous generations. Emerald is interested in learning more about how family relationships help to determine how people interact with people outside their family. Her future goal is to attend law school to either be a criminal defense attorney or to practice family law (e.g., guardianship law).

Olivia Hesler

Role: Olivia is an undergraduate student (Junior) majoring in Developmental Family Sciences and enrolled in HDFS 390 in the Family Dynamics Lab.

Interests: The effects of family environment on adolescent’s mental health and coping skills; the associations among parental attachment and the onset of depression in adolescence. Olivia’s future goal is to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy.