New journal article: Studying the timing of recurring behaviors

Survival times (x-axis) for each child (separate lines on y-axis) for each episode of anger (grouped by color).

Our article examining the timing of children’s recurring anger expressions will appear in the January 2019 issue of Developmental Psychology. We introduce multilevel survival analysis and its usefulness for developmental scientists who work with video-recorded observations of behaviors. In our example analyses, we examined how children’s second-by-second use of behavioral strategies was associated with the timing of their anger expressions during a waiting task.

Accompanying tutorials including the code used in our paper can be found on the Penn State Quant Dev site.

A pre-print of the paper can be found here.


Lougheed, J. P., Benson, L., Cole, P. M., & Ram, N. (2019). Multilevel survival analysis: Studying the timing of children’s recurring behaviors. Developmental Psychology, 55(1), 53–65.

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