New journal article on emotion socialization dynamics

Our new work on emotion socialization dynamics will appear in the upcoming special issue of Developmental Psychology on emotion socialization. We used grid-sequence analysis, an approach that merges state space grids from developmental science with sequencing methods from biology, to examine complex patterns of mother-daughter emotions as they unfolded during different interpersonal contexts. We found that some patterns related to who and how positive emotions were up-regulated were associated with adolescent daughters’ internalizing symptoms, but only in some types of interpersonal contexts.

You can find Mimi Brinberg’s highly accessible tutorial for conducting grid-sequence analysis in R here.

A preprint of our paper is available here.

Lougheed, J. P., Brinberg, M., Ram, N., & Hollenstein, T. (In press). Emotion socialization as a dynamic process across emotion contexts. Developmental Psychology. doi: 10.1037/dev0000801. 

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