Publications from Center for Families

1999 Anniversary – Excellence at the Intersections
2009 Anniversary – Families Facing Challenges
2015 Anniversary – 20/15 (Living Their Dream)
2007-08 Annual Report : Building Communities, Creating Relationships

The Success of Head Start in Indiana (2010)

For the Greater Good: Contributions of the School of Consumer & Family Sciences at Purdue University to Family Well-Being (1998)

Paths to QUALITY™ Evaluation

2018 Evaluation Briefs:
#1: Paths to QUALITY™ Children’s Developmental Outcomes (2018)
#2: Paths to QUALITY™ Child Care Providers and Quality Improvement (2018)
#3: Paths to QUALITY™ Parent Awareness and Use (2018)
Final Report: Paths to QUALITY™ Evaluation (2018)

2012 Evaluation Briefs:
#1: Paths to QUALITY™ Key Findings
#2: Does Paths to QUALITY™ Produce Quality Care and Education for Indiana’s Young Children?
#3: Does Paths to QUALITY™ Benefit Indiana’s Child Care Providers?
#4: Does Paths to QUALITY™ Help Indiana Parents Find Quality Child Care?

Technical Reports:
#1: Paths to QUALITY: Its Scientific Basis (2007)
#2: Paths to QUALITY: Evaluation – Methods and Measures (2009)
#3: Paths to QUALITY: Evaluation – Final Report (2011)
#4: Paths to QUALITY: Child Care Provider Focus Group Report (2013)
#5: Paths to QUALITY: Phase 2 Evaluation Methods and Measures (2013)

Department of Defense Mental Health Task Force Report

The Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research

Top Ten Takeaways from 2015
Top Ten Takeaways from 2014
Top Ten Takeaways from 2013
Top Ten Takeaways from 2011 and 2012
Top Ten Takeaways from 2010
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Family Impact Seminar Briefing Reports

2016 The Future of Indiana: Reducing Risky Behavior of Our Youth
2015 Rising Substance Abuse and Hoosier Families: What can Legislators Do?
2014 Pre-K in Indiana: Preparing our Children For Success
2013 Now What? Implementing Health Care Reform in Indiana
2012 The New Age of Health Care: Implications for Hoosier Families
2010 The Legacy of Literacy
Archived Reports…