2016 Levien Family Policy Scholarship and Internship

Meghan Loeser, Human Development and Family Studies

In addition to receiving credit for her work with the Indiana Family Impact Seminar, Ms. Loeser is also the recipient of the Levien Family Policy Scholarship, which is possible due to the support of the Leo and Elva Levien Family Fund.

The Center for Families manages the Indiana Consortium of Family Organizations which sponsors the annual Family Impact Seminars. These annual seminars serve to educate state legislators and policymakers about the implications for families of policy issues, by providing objective, non-partisan information on current issues. The 2016 Family Policy Intern will help to plan and execute the annual Indiana Family Impact Seminar, and conduct research on family policy.

Meghan is a 3rd year doctoral student in the department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University. Her research interests include various family processes and their theoretical underpinnings. In particular, she has conducted research across a variety of developmental periods and topics, such as individuals with developmental delays, siblings, and families. Over the course of her career at Purdue, Meghan has also developed an interest in social and family policies, as well as how research can aid in the development of these policies. Her plan is to pursue her research and policy interests after obtaining her PhD through working for a research organization.

Ms. Loeser’s advisor is Dr. Shawn Whiteman (HDFS)