Status of Indiana Families Today (SIFT): Living Poor in Indiana

Director: Janet Gordon, 4-H/youth agriculture program leader, Purdue Cooperative Extension

Assistant Director: Aadron Rausch, Extension specialist and assistant director for outreach, Center for Families

Staff: Carol Rogers, statistician, Indiana University Business Research Center
Rita Hipps, secretary and administrative support

Funding: Center for Families and Purdue Cooperative Extension

Term of Project: Through 1999

Description: In 1999, an estimated 680,000 Hoosiers, more than one-third of them children, were living in poverty. Living Poor in Indiana, the 1999 volume of the Status of Indiana Families Today (SIFT) is a publication of the Center for Families in collaboration with the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service and Indiana University Business Research Center. SIFT provided a comprehensive assessment of poverty in the state and information about how policy changed Indiana families. SIFT offered county-by-county information and compared Indiana to its neighbors to provide accurate information about families. Consistent with the Center for Families’ mission, SIFT was a tool to inform and support research-based educational outreach that could support family friendly policies, programs, and services.