2013 Kanter Award

2013 Winner

Konrad, A.M., & Yang, Y. (2012). Is using work-life interface benefits a career-limiting move? An examination of women, men, lone parents, and parents with partners. Journal of Organizational Behavior 33, 1095-1119. akonrad@ivey.uwo.ca

2013 Finalists

Abendroth, A.K., van der Lippe, T., & Maas, I. (2012). Social support and the working hours of employed mothers in Europe: The relevance of the state, the workplace, and the family. Social Science Research 41, 581-597. a.k.abendroth@uu.nl

Crocker, J. & Clawson, D. (2012). Buying time: Gendered patterns in union contracts. Social Problems 59(4), 459-480. jillian.crocker@gmail.com

Glavin, P., & Schieman, S. (2012). Work-Family role blurring and work-family conflict: The moderating influence of job resources and job demands. Work and Occupations 39(1), 71-98. paul.glavin@utoronto.ca

Kramer Holmes, E., Jacob Erickson, J., & Hill, E.J. (2012). Doing what she thinks is best: Maternal psychological wellbeing and attaining desired work situations. Human Relations 65(4), 501-522. erin_holmes@byu.edu

Leslie L.M., Flaherty Manchester C., Park T.Y., & Mehng, S.A. (2012). Flexible work practices: A source of career premiums or penalties? Academy of Management Journal 55(6), 1407-1428. lmlesie@umn.edu

Miller, P. (2012). Do Australian teenagers work? Why we should care. Feminist Economics 18(4), 1-24. pavla.miller@rmit.edu.au

2013 Nominees

Reynolds, J., & Johnson, D. (2012). Don’t blame the babies: Work hour mismatches and the role of children. Social Forces 91(1)

Somech, A., & Drach-Zahavy, A. (2012). Coping with work-family conflict: The reciprocal and additive contributions of personal coping and organizational family-friendly support. Work & Stress: An International Journal of Work, Health & Organisations 26(1), 68-90. anits@edu.haifa.ac.i

Sonnentag, S., & Grant, A. (2012). Doing good at work feels good at home, but not right away: When and why perceived prosocial impact predicts positive affect. Personnel Psychology 65, 495-530. sonnentag@uni-mannheim.de