2011 Kanter Award

2011 Winner

Hodges, M.J. & Budig, M.J. (2010). Who Gets the Daddy Bonus? : Organizational Hegemonic Masculinity and the Impact of Fatherhood on Earnings. Gender & Society 24(6), 717-745.

2011 Finalists

Cooke, L.P. & Gash, V. (2010). Wives’ Part-time Employment and Marital Stability in Great Britain, West Germany and the United States. Sociology 44(6), 1091–1108.

Lively, K.J., Steelman, L.C., & Powell, B. (2010). Equity, Emotion, and Household Division of Labor. Social Psychology Quarterly 73 (4), 358–379.

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Powell, G.N., & Greenhaus, J.H. (2010). Sex, Gender, and the work-to-family interface: Exploring negative and positive interdependencies. Academy of Management Journal 53(3), 513–534.

2011 Nominees

Cha, Y. (2010). Reinforcing Separate Spheres: The Effect of Spousal Overwork on Men’s and Women’s Employment in Dual-Earner Households. American Sociological Review 75(2), 303-329.

Coursolle, K.M., Sweeney, M.M., Raymo, J.M., & Ho, J. (2010). The Association Between Retirement and Emotional Well-being: Does Prior Work–Family Conflict Matter? Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 65B(5), 609–620.

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