Initiative for Families in Business

Co-Directors: Holly Schrank, professor, Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing
Douglas Sprenkle, professor, Department of Child Development and Family Studies
Shelley MacDermid, professor, Department of Child Development and Family Studies

Staff: Tina Alsup, secretary and clerical

Funding: Coleman Foundation, $25,000
Coleman Foundation, $5,000

Term of Project: 2002-2006

Description: The purpose of this project was to build a program in family entrepreneurship. The project began with research to determine needs of Indiana’s family entrepreneurs. Needs identified cover a wide variety of topics, from business technical assistance to hiring of family members to estate planning. Papers were written to share what we learned and with the academic family business profession.

An educational meeting was held in spring 2002 for Purdue parents who are family business owners. Sixty-five participants heard a prominent family business consultant speak about bringing younger family members into the family business.

Evidence of Impact: Several presentations about family business topics were made at the Lafayette Entrepreneurship Academy.

The following papers were written and presented:

Zody, Z., Sprenkle, D., MacDermid, S. M., & Schrank, H. (2006)
Drawing the line: How are boundaries between family and business systems related to their strengths and performance? Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 27, 185-206. 2003 Impact Factor: No data found

Sharan, H. L. (2001, August).
The three dimensions of family business. Publication handout for the Farm Progress Show, 2001. This handout is now being used in CSR 208, the undergraduate family business course.

MacDermid, S. M. (2000).
Work and family in family businesses. Invited address at the European Foundation, Dublin, Ireland.

Zody, Z. B. (2000, August).
A systematic approach to family business consulting: Understanding the boundaries that distinguish the systems. M. S. Thesis, Purdue University.