• 2005 Family Impact Seminar: Gambling: What Are the Odds for Indiana Families?
  • Center for Urban Policy and the Environment
    This site provides links to reports that the center has produced, such as an evaluation of various aspects of Indiana riverboat gambling, needs assessments, and market analysis surrounding gambling in Indiana communities. In addition, the center led the 1999 Indiana Gambling Impact Study Commission and produced a report on the economic and social impacts of gambling in Indiana communities. This report is available by calling (317) 261-3000.
  • Centre for Gambling Studies at the University of Auckland
    Through the medical and health sciences division, this Web site offers links to international research and researchers on gambling, particularly continuous forms of gambling, such as electronic gambling machines.
  • Gambling Impact and Behavior Study
    The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, in collaboration with a team of consultants, analyzed five new data sets on gambling behavior, problems, and attitudes. Nationally representative surveys were conducted in 1999 with adults and adolescents, and 10 community case studies were conducted to study the effects of casino openings. This data was also highlighted in the National Gambling Impact Study.
  • Gambling in America
    This book, written by Earl Grinols, establishes a framework for a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the social and economic costs of casinos in American communities. Grinols was one of the first academics to call for a national gambling impact study commission and was instrumental in bringing attention to the social and economic costs of gambling in America. The book may be ordered through
  • Harvard Medical School Institute for Research on Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders
    This site provides links to research, curriculum, and guides that address pathological gambling in adults and adolescents.
  • Impact on Gambling: Economic Effects More Measurable than Social Effects
    This report, released in 2000, examines the National Gambling Impact Study and describes a case study conducted in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from issues raised in the national report. The report focused on (1) the economic effects of gambling, particularly on employment, bankruptcy, and tax revenues and community investment; (2) the social effects of gambling; (3) the prevalence of pathological gambling; and (4) whether communities offer incentives to attract gambling establishments.
    Some of the overall findings indicate that there is no direct link between gambling and bankruptcy, and it is difficult to clearly identify the social effects of gambling.
  • Indiana Council on Problem Gambling
    The Indiana Council on Problem Gambling strives to generate awareness, promote education, and be an advocate for quality treatment of problem gamblers in Indiana.
  • National Gambling Impact Study
    This national report, released in 1999, discusses major issues, such as regulating gambling, problem and pathological gambling, Native American tribal gambling, Internet gambling, impact on people and places, and future research needs.
  • Public Health Gambling Project at the University of Toronto
    The Public Health Gambling Project provides links to peer-reviewed research in the areas of gambling and public health. It also provides links to other Canadian and international Web sites on problem gambling and adolescent gambling.