These sites contain information related to population, economic, social, and housing characteristics of Indiana residents from the United States Census and the American Community Survey.

  • Indiana Youth Institute
    This site provides detailed information for Indiana’s 92 counties on indicators related to child and family well-being. A searchable database allows you to create graphs and maps.

Census Data

  • Stats Indiana
    This site provides detailed information comparing Indiana to the nation on indicators regarding the economy, education, income and taxes, population and housing, and workforce.
  • Indiana Demographic Characteristics: 2000
    This link provides the demographic, economic, social, and housing profiles of Indiana from the 2000 census.
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    This site gives estimates and Census figures on population, race, housing, income and poverty, and business information for Indiana and its 92 counties.

Disability Status

Educational Attainment

  • Indiana Business Research Center
    Click on the education tab, and information is provided regarding educational attainment and college enrollment for Indiana residents from the 2000 census and updated 2004 estimates.
  • Indiana Selected Social Characteristics
    This link to the 2003 American Community Survey details the estimated educational attainment for Indiana residents.
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    This site has information on educational attainment for Indiana residents by state, county, and select cities from the 2000 census.

Family Structure

  • Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System
    This site provides state and national data regarding the number of children in foster care, demographic characteristics, outcome information, etc.
  • American Community Survey
    This link provides detailed information updating the Census 2000 demographic profiles, including information on family structure.
  • Indiana Business Research Center
    This site links to the 2000 demographic profiles, which detail information on the number of families, households, single parents, and grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
    This site links to the current Demographic Trends Report produced by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. In the child care section, information regarding children in foster care is provided, such as placement information by race and ethnicity.