Project Director: Aadron Rausch, Extension specialist and assistant director for outreach, Center for Families and Department of Child Development and Family Studies

Co-Director: Joan Jurich, associate professor, Department of Child Development and Family Studies

Staff: Cathy Flynn, research associate
Katie Kensinger, research assistant
Nithyakala (Nithya) Karuppaswamy, research assistant

Funding: Purdue University Cooperative Extension, 21st Initiative January 2000-December 2001, $77,531.65

Term of Project: 2002

Description: During a time when our nation was distraught by reports of school violence, increasing juvenile crime, and teen pregnancy, the Center for Families looked for ways to make a difference. Crossroads: Teens Making Ethical Decisions was a dual-focused curriculum targeting middle-school youth and their parents. The curriculum raised awareness and taught skills to help teens make informed, ethical decisions. The parenting component brought the family into the picture by teaching parents the same ethical principles and strategies for engaging youth in ethical discussions and activities. The program’s success rested on building an ethical community where peers, schools, families, and communities each do their part to support the ethical development of youth.