Ways to Support CFF

Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes it possible for the center to be involved in innovative projects that impact individuals and families. Donors make it possible for the center to be truly innovative. Gifts provide the center with the freedom to join partnerships without having to wait months for decisions from funding sources. They make it possible for the center to become involved in innovative projects when grants aren’t yet being made, allowing the development of a track record of success. Additionally, donors’ gifts provide resources that can be leveraged to bring in additional funding.

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Some of the center’s most successful projects have originated from outside donors, including the Military Family Research Institute. We would be happy to discuss ideas you might have to support families. We hope you will invest in our ability to innovate. See a list of current funding priorities here. 

Please contact:
Center for Families
(765) 494-9878


Office of Advancement, College of Health and Human Sciences
(800) 535-7303 or (765) 494-7890

Funding Priorities

Student Research

• Support for student research offers students a unique opportunity to conduct research activities under the guidance of a Purdue faculty member. Students explore, discover and transform ideas into reality to advance society and improve people’s lives. A scholarship often means the difference between a student coming to Purdue or not. Gifts of any amount will help us build the fund and benefit students.

Faculty Research

• Endowed professorships and positions play a vital role in attracting and retaining top faculty in the competitive world of higher education. Endowed positions cover part or all of a faculty member’s salary, thereby allowing the college to reduce its student-to-faculty ratio (a statistic used for college rankings and other institutional evaluations).

• Endow or support Faculty Fellowships that conduct research on
– Families – Lorene Burkhart Fund
– Adults – Ann Hancook Fund
– Children – Susan Kontos Fund

• Support for the annual Lorene Burkhart Award for Excellence in Research About Families – which is given to a Purdue Faculty member whose research is decided to be the best research published about families in the previous year.

Ensure the Future of Family Research – Center for Families Endowment and Unrestricted Funds 

• There is a great opportunity to play a pivotal role to make sure Purdue will continue to improve the quality of life for families. Make a gift to endow:
– the Center for Families. This ensures that its work will exist for generations to come.
– the directorship of the Center for Families.
– Assistantships that will support a graduate student that involves part-time teaching or research.

• Unrestricted support can be utilized for the operations of the Center that generates and promotes new family research to policy makers, employers, educators, and human service professionals. This may include recruitment activities,  technology upgrades, named conferences and/or speaker series, and other important events and initiatives that arise. Gifts of any amount will help us make sure the Center is able to continue to support its initiatives and seek out new opportunities.

Family Research and Policy Decisions – Family Impact Institute

• Support the efforts of FII, whose goal is to turn good research into policy. FII supports the work of individual state Family Impact Seminars that work to find common ground by building respect for the role of evidence in policy decisions and by encouraging policymakers to examine issues through a family impact lens.

Nation’s Military Community  – Military Family Research Institute

• Help fund critical research and outreach initiatives that have a proven, positive impact on the lives of service members, veterans and their families