Faculty Funding Opportunities

Graduate students interested in family policy and research are encouraged to apply to the Center for Families Levien Family Policy Internship and Scholarship. The deadline to apply is March 5, 2021.

The deadline for other 2021 funding opportunities was January 25. View the funding brief to see what was offered for the 2021 CFF Funding Program.

Each year the Center for Families awards one faculty fellowship to support research projects or proposals for external funding that will be affiliated with CFF. The Center also provides up to two grants to support undergraduate research, and selects a winner for the Burkhart Award for Excellence.

Faculty may apply for more than one opportunity, but can only receive one. Preference will be given to CFF faculty partners, faculty who have not previously received CFF funding, or proposals that will lead to external funding affiliated with the Center for Families.

Faculty fellowships are currently supported by the Robert O. And Zelma C. Swaim Memorial Fund.

How to Apply. Questions? Contact the Center for Families at cff@purdue.edu.

Research Enhancement Grant for Undergraduate Research Support ($500)

This grant is given to faculty to fund student training and involvement in research. Funds can be used for student travel to research or training opportunities, or to provide stipends for undergraduate members of research teams. Faculty members apply on behalf of students. Up to 2 awards of $500 are given each year.

Fellowships (Up to $10,000)

Burkhart Faculty Fellowship

The Burkhart Fellowship supports research focused primarily on emerging family issues. All topics in this area receive serious consideration. Topics of particular interest include healthy family functioning; evolving family forms; and family disparities in educational, employment, or community settings.

Lorene Burkhart, the founding donor of the Center for Families, is passionately committed to family well-being.

Hancook Faculty Fellowship

This fellowship is for research focused on maximizing the health, well-being, and development of adults as individuals, parents, and partners. All topics in this area will receive serious consideration. Topics of particular interest include assessing and addressing community needs and investigating, promoting, and nurturing conditions that foster successful family functioning.

Ann Hancook, former Associate Dean for Extension in the School of Consumer and Family Sciences, was a central figure in founding the Center for Families.

Kontos Faculty Fellowship

The Kontos Fellowship focuses on optimizing the development of children and youth. All topics in this area will receive serious consideration. Topics of particular interest include child care and early childhood education; the health and development of children and youth in challenging contexts; and the inclusion of disadvantaged or underrepresented children and youth in educational, employment, or community settings.

Susan Kontos was the founding director of the Center for Families and an international authority in the field of early childhood education.