Affiliate Your Research with the Center

Watch your work touch the lives of real people, while also impacting the world of research.

    1. Become a Center for Families Faculty Partner.

The center is a resource for potential funding, valuable research on families, and assistance in disseminating your discoveries. With more than 40 faculty partners from across campus, the center conducts education, research, and outreach activities. Email your interest in becoming a faculty partner to​.

    1. Check the box.

Amplify the impact and awareness of your research by affiliating it with the center. Simply check the box on your proposal transmittal form before submission. Doing so allows you to tap into the center’s resources, too.

  1. Reap the benefits.
    • The Center for Families is well respected within and beyond the state.
    • Our projects connect research and communities to address the challenges families face everyday.
    • You will make an impact on families. The Center for Families is a trusted resource to state and national legislators and policymakers; our research ultimately reaches citizens through the way that lawmakers vote.
    • The Center for Families brings researchers from many disciplines together; we frequently help groups of faculty put research proposals together.
    • The Center for Families has a dedicated communications staff that will work to publicize your research.
    • Your graduate students will receive preference over others applying awards and fellowships. The center offers multiple awards that challenge its recipient to conduct research on the quality of life for children and families.​

Take the time to meet with center staff to discuss other potential opportunities for your work.