Training Educators

The challenges facing families have changed considerably over the years, and educators must adapt quickly to these changing needs. Collaboration with the Center for Families helps to expand the resources and flexibility of the Cooperative Extension Service, early childhood educators, school teachers, and university faculty.

Promoting Family Meals

Paths to QUALITY

Family Policy

Indiana Family Impact Seminar Briefing Reports –

Teaching Family Policy – Family Impact Institute information on how educators can begin a dialogue about the precepts and philosophies from which good courses and high teaching evaluations are made.

Skill Building to Inform Family Policy

Military Families and Veterans

MFRI Indiana Community Outreach Program – MFRI networks with and train leaders in geographic communities, educational communities, t communities of career, offering regional community mobilization meetings, small grants, and grants for the faith-based communities that are motivated to help military and veteran families.

Reaching Rural Veterans – MFRI Collaboration with faith-based food pantries in rural areas, bringing communities together to provide resources and services that address the needs of military and veteran families.

Sesame Street – contact MFRI 
Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street, created an educational kit to help young children cope with the hardship of seeing a family member deployed to war. This kit, Talk,Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes (TLC) includes a DVD featuring popular Sesame Street characters along with printed materials and online resources. MFRI evaluated the effectiveness of these materials. TLCII: Deployments addresses the challenges of multiple deployments on the well-being of children and their family. TLC II: Changes focuses on the trauma of having a parent return from deployment with a wound or injury.

Zero to Three (ZTT) – contact MFRI
ZERO TO THREE, a non-profit that provides training to nurture healthy early development, created Duty to Care (DTC), atraining program to meet the needs of very young children affected by deployment. DTC educates childcare, family support, healthcare, and mental health professionals regarding the challenges facing military families. MFRI evaluated the curriculum’s effectiveness in meeting these needs.